Art Estimation

Considering the growing demand, Art Market Talks provides to art lovers and collectors the opportunity to estimate their own works. The evaluation will be done by comparing the results of the major auction houses national and international related to similar works by the same author.

Specifying it by mail, the applicant may receive any offers from other collectors.

Send to the following address efficient photos of front, back and the related documentation of the work:

The images will not be published unless prior permission.


5 thoughts on “Art Estimation

  1. I actually ponder why you branded this specific blog, “Art Estimation
    | Art Market Talks”. No matter what I actually appreciated
    the post!Thanks for your time,Hester

    • Hi Hester, the name of my blog is Art Market Talks, where I post my articles written for Italian press. Art Estimation is a specific page where I offer to the collectors an expertise for free, as I love to estimate works! During these years, working in the auction market, I learnt to do it, and now I’m glad to offer a confidential expertise to the collectors who follow my blog. Thanks, Martina

    • Hi Judy,
      you can follow my blog on Twitter, or you can subscribe the newsletter. You can find this options on the home page.

      many thanks to following me,

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