The Britsh auction house Bonhams could be sold to Chinese Poly Culture

The power of China Poly Culture has identified its next Western prey in Bonhams, the historical British auction house with over 200 years of history. As part of the group owned by the Chinese Government, Poly Group, Poly Culture is one of the leading auction houses in Asia which in March, made ​​its debut in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Owned by the Dutch collector Evert Louwman, Bonhams earlier this year had already started to looking for buyers, and will now will be sold for a figure of which we still do not know the amount, probably some hundreds of millions of pounds.
Recently, another major news involved the English house and the Asian area: the former director of Art Basel Hong Kong Magnus Renfrew has become director of Bonhams Asia, to redefine the strategy of the company in the Eastern area, perhaps already in the perspective of the great plan of acquisition by Poly Group …

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