The best sale since 2010 for Sotheby’s Milan: a new wave of optimism for the Italian market

Auction_MI0324_012014 seems to have brought a burst of optimism in the Italian market. The auction on May 27 at Sotheby’s in Milan has reached a good result: 86.9% sold by lot and 94.6% by value were years that were not reached at Palazzo Broggi, with a total of 9.7 million, the highest since 2010. The evening was a sort of tribute to the work of Lucio Fontana, whose works are placed in six of the top ten positions, together with Enrico Castellani, Alighiero Boetti and Paolo Scheggi.

Top lot of the evening a blue surface of Enrico Castellani, who was close to a million Euros, while Alighiero Boetti marks the record for a Lavoro Postale (permutation), sold for 337,500, a composition of 120 stamped envelopes, sent to the Belgian artist and gallery owner Fernand Spillemaeckers. Well awarded Paolo Scheggi, which from an estimate of € 50-70 thousand came to 253.500 for Nero of 1962. Others successful monochrome for Yves Klein, Bleu Sans Titre (IKB 206), sold at 223,500, and that of Mario Schifano, N . 10, purchased at 193,500. Unsold for Ceroli’s wooden sculpture entitled The Man and His Shadow, 1967, and even those of Piacentino and Pomodoro.
Well instead for Santomaso, Bonalumi, Turi Simeti, Carla Accardi, Capogrossi Soto, Calzolari and Dadamaino. The following day, in the afternoon sale of May 28, Sotheby’s increased its total to 11.7 million. To be reported the results of Uncini, with  Cemento, 1961, from an estimate of 40-60 thousand went to 127,500, and Bonalumi with White,1973 (83.100) to a work of 1979 (79,500), up to a Blue one of 1967 (84,300). Is continuing to grow the interest for Gianni Colombo and Giorgio Griffa and a great success for the only one, tiny, Gerhard Richter, rose to 55,500.

Alighiero Boetti - Lavoro Postale

Alighiero Boetti – Lavoro Postale


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