Anish Kapoor against Naples: Indian artist wants to buy back the work commissioned by the municipality 10 years ago

ANISH KAPOOR, Subway Station, Monte S. Angelo, 2002–04 Naples

“In the city of Mount Vesuvius and Dante’s mythical entrance to the Inferno, I found it important to try and deal with what it really means to go underground. The idea was to turn the tunnel inside out, like a sock. Of course, this relates to my interest in turning space inside out. An escalator going down into that felt right. “

This is the description that the Indian artist Anish Kapoor wrote in his website referring to his project for the subway staion in Monte S. Angelo in Naples, Italy, created in 2003 on the mandate if the municipality of the town. The work, however, broke down soon and now Kapoor is trying to buy back two large steel structures built for the station, which is located in a warehouse in the Netherlands.

A futuristic project, smooth and curvy, a building wanted to enrich the landscape, one of the most beautiful lines of the world. In a letter wrote by the artist, blaming the failure to conclude a project paid 2 million euros, Italy ” applies the singular habit of confusing politics with culture, indeed, to be precise it seems that the policy expects to subdue the culture to their desires.” Kapoor is worried about the fate of the two sculptures already fused and ready to be placed, locked in a shed of the Dutch company that has realized without seeing a penny. Artist intends to purchase the works and snatch from oblivion.


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