30 years later, IRWIN was back at Galerija Škuc in Ljubljiana


Artists Marko Kovačič, Dušan Mandić, Andrej Savski, Bojan Štokelj, Roman Uranjek, and Borut Vogelnik founded IRWIN in 1984; while Kovačič and Štokelj left the group early on, Miran Mohar subsequently joined and has remained a member to the present day. In October 2013, to mark the 30th anniversary of Irwin, the exhibition “Back to the USA”, which originally opened on 2 April 1984 and closed on 7 April 1984 at Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana, had been repeated. The original exhibition was a reconstruction of a group exhibition of contemporary American art,  “Back to the USA: Pattern & Decoration, New Image, New Wave, New Expressionism, Graffiti; American Art of the Seventies and Eighties”, which toured several Western European capitals in 1983 and 1984. The exhibition was in the same space, but reduced, as most of works were made from cheap materials and paper, presenting only few original works or which could be mechanically reproduced.



IRWIN’s “Back to the USA”


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