The victory of the Crowd-funding at Louvre: Victory of Samothrace receives 500,000 euros in donations

Victory of Samothrace, Art Market Talks

Victory of Samothrace, Art Market Talks

Louvre museum in Paris launched on 3 September 2013 a crowd-funding operation to restore the iconic marble statue and its staircase, The Victory of Samothrace.

The goal of the museum is to reach 31 million euros in donations from individuals before December 31, on a total budget of 4 million euros. Three millions have been provided by sponsors. The half of the 1 million remaining has been gathered in just two months.

The crowd-funding campaign has attracted nearly 4,000 individual donors. The gifts range goes from 5 euros to 5000 euros, the average of 126 euros. The restoration of the Victory of Samothrace is in progress.The statue was moved in September in an adjoining room where a cabin restoration has been built for her. Discovered in 1863 on the Greek island of Samothrace, the statue, which dates from the second century BC, representing Nike, the messenger goddess of victory.Reconstructed in the Louvre between 1880 and 1884, she set foot on a base shaped prow on a pedestal.

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