Postcards from Venice Biennale – A last tour before the end #4: Today Focus on Chinese Pavilion

Miao Xiaochung - Venice Biennale 2013, Chinese Pavilion

Miao Xiaochung – Venice Biennale 2013, Chinese Pavilion

Transfiguration, curated by Wang Chunchen

Artists: He Yunchang, Hu Yaolin, Miao Xiaochun, Shu Yong, Tong Hongsheng, Wang Qingsong, Zhang Xiaotao

“Transfiguration” refers to contemporary changes in art and its thinking, especially referring to the surpassing of the gap between life and art, the transformation of life to art, of the commonplace to artworks or art performance, of non-art to art, etc., which contains one of the essences of contemporary art.

Video – Focus on:

 Miao Xiaochun is a researcher of new media art, and his works are the observation and interpretation of history and culture, by a contemporary Chinese artist. Many of the compositions are based on iconic paintings, like Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (c. 1490-1510) and Michelangelo’s Last Judgment (c. 1537-1541).

Zhang Xiaotao is an artist of cross media, from the early creation of oil painting to the new media art used today, exploring the possibility of painting language with digital art, his animations can be regarded as the fables of the social changes and future prospects. Behind Zhang Xiaotao’s grotesque and lurid paintings lie the artist’s sympathy for the suffering in civilization; he calls his works “magnified pictures of our material life, which is full of absurdity and lust.”

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