Good mood returned in New York last night with an impressive sale at Sotheby’s, that fetched $290,2 million



Sotheby’s last night drove away the uncertainty that prevailed in the previous evening sale at Christie’s . The auction of Impressionist and Modern Art on Wednesday, fetched $290.2 million at Sotheby’s, the second highest total after the unforgettable sale of 2012 which saw the $ 120 million Scream of Munch under the hammer. 81 % sold by lot, 6 record artist , 44 lots over a million and a top lot of exception: Alberto Giacometti’s Grande tête mince (Grande tête de Diego ) was sold at $ 50 million, reaching its higher pre-sale estimate. Another version of this edition was sold in 2002 for $ 13.7 million .

Tête de Femme by Pablo Picasso exceeded its estimate of ten million , to $ 39.9 million , a vivid portrait of his muse and lover Marie -Thérèse Walter , painted in March 1935 , perhaps the last great painting before taking a year break from painting , so rewarded by the market. Third place for the subject that appears most frequently in the market, Mosquetaire à la pipe , which has nearly tripled the minimum estimate , sold for $ 30.9 million to the dealer David Nahmad .
The collection Futur ! Masterworks of the Avant -Garde totaled $ 64.3 million , led by the work of Giacomo Balla, Automobile in movimento, sold just under estimate at $ 11.4 million , beating , however, a new record for the artist.
From the collection of Christian Otto Zieseniss , a great admirer of art Impressionist: Glaçons , blanc by Claude Monet, sold at the phone for $ 16.1 million ; Alfred Sisley La Passerelle du Chemin de halage canal du Loing, 1886, sold for $ 3.5 million ; Prairie in Eragny by Camille Pissarro with a $ 4.2 million , sold in 1997 at $ 420,000 . Another painter maudit continues its meteoric rise in the market, Soutine , that does not fail to take home a good result, with La Vieille Dame beat Assis for $ 3.8 million.
Finally, good results for European Avant-Garde , a large painting by Francis Picabia , 1922 , Volucelle II , flew over the estimate to $ 8.7 million and Torse Tenant Par La Bride Une Tete de Cheval by Jean Arp in 1925 , marking its record at $ 3.8 million.





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