The dishes for the wedding of Rita Hayworth. Christie’s online auctions continue: up to October 29, Picasso ceramics

For those who extend their stay in London after the Frieze week , these ceramic masterpieces are on display at the headquarters of Christie’s King Street from October 22 until the close of the auction online. The online auction dedicated to the sale of about ninety of the great Picasso ceramics, will go on until the 29th of October. Among the most important pieces, a set of 13 dishes Visage Noir of 1948, an absolute rarity since there are only few complete sets , because dismembered and sold separately . The set is estimated £40-70,000: one of these 100 editions had been given to Rita Hayworth for her marriage with Prince Ali Khan in 1949 from the village of Vallarius , where Picasso produced a large part of his ceramics. In fact, the ceremony took place at the Chateau de l’Horizon , near the village of Vallarius , who wanted to donate them this set of Picasso.
In shades of black and green, Picasso decorated the set with heads of fauns that refer to the joie de vivre of the artist. In August of 1946 , while he was on holiday in Vallarius , Picasso visited an exhibition of local manufacts and met Suzanne Ramie, who had opened a studio in the village a few years before. That afternoon Picasso created several pieces including a small head of a faun and two bulls, starting a collaboration with Ramié family that lasted 25 years. In June 2013 Christie ‘s has set a new record for the ceramics of the artist, with a vase sold for £980.275 , but also with an auction devoted entirely to his ceramics, realizing 100% sold.

I piatti per le nozze di Rita Hayworth. Le aste di Christie’s continuano in rete: fino al 29 ottobre spazio alle ceramiche di Picasso | Artribune.

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