From Yves Klein, to Gerhard Richter, via Subodh Gupta. The curtain falls on English auctions: last evening sale at Sotheby’s

Eduardo Chiilida

The week of London auctions is coming to an end. Last appointment on Friday, October 12, with Sotheby’s catalog: 55 lots, with a value of £ 30 million.
Great expectations for the Gerhard Richter sold by English singer Eric Clapton. Never appeared at auction, the painting of 1994 entitled Abstraktes Bild (809-4), is part of a series of four works numbered 809, declined on the tone of red, yellow and blue, belonging to the crucial years of the career of Richter. Clapton bought the work in 2001 at Sotheby’s for $ 3.4 million, a bargain considering that it is now estimated at £ 9 million to 12 million ($ 14-19 million), just below the artist’s record in May in New York.
Another important highlight is RE 9-I of Yves Klein, 1961: a Relief éponge, estimated at £ 2 million to 3 million, as the body of his most celebrated works. Estimated 900,000-1million pounds Ikaraundi is the work of Eduardo Chillida, considered one of the masterpieces of early career of the Spanish artist. The bronze sculpture marks a major turning point in the life of Chillida, who in 1957 returned to San Sebastian and opened his forge for working metal, influenced by the presence of excellent traditional blacksmiths in the Basque region of Hernani.

At auction also two English masters Lucian Freud and Frank Auerbach. Freud is present with Chicken on a Bamboo Table, hidden in a private collection since 1965, when it was bought at Sotheby’s for £ 50. Now the work is estimated at £ 400-600.000 and dates back to 1944, when he made his first exhibition.
A group of works from a private European collection instead represent the work of Auerbach Mornington Crescent-Dawn (£ 400-600.000), EOW (£ 250-350.000), JYM (£ 200-300.000), and Seated Model (£ 200 -300.000).
Brazil also has a prominent place, with Dança dos Reis by Beatriz Milhazes, dating from 1998, estimated at £ 400-600.000. A work that embodies the so-called Brazilian “cannibalism” to foreign cultures, mixing psychedelic elements of the 60s, the colonial baroque art and oriental arabesques. Even Eastern countries are well represented: among others Subodh Gupta’s Cheap Rice, 2006 (£ 200-300.000), and Ahmed Alsoudani with Untitled of 2008 (£ 150-200.000).
Among the Americans are Kelley Walker, Untitled, estimated at £ 200-300.000, which encourages the viewer to consider the myriad of possible meanings inherent in an object of daily use: the brick is from Walker elevated to a work of art, in the manner a ready-made Duchamp. Double Stretch by Mark Bradford, is an ideal example of the first period of the artist, a socio-cultural approach returned by the assembly of printed materials, to evoke the first Rauchenberg (£ 200-300.000). In the auction also Jacob Kassay ,Untitled, estimated at £ 80-120.000.


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