London Updates: thirteen times Kippenberger. And then monumental Richter and Barceló for the roaring Frieze week at Christie’s

Gerhard Richter – 5 Türen II (5 Doors 2)

Not only Italian Sale. On October 11, Christie’s London holds also its Evening Sale of Post-War & Contemporary Art, with a large catalog of works never before seen in the market, numerous sculptures of the greatest contemporary artists and a selection of portraits of Martin Kippenberger. A total, including the Italian Sale of 108 works offered, with an estimated 36 millions pounds, while the next day the Day sale will offer 193 works for a total of £ 8 millions.
As for the sculpture, the works of McCarthy, Muñoz, Gormley, Schütte, evidence of figurative sculpture of the past twenty-five years. The ironic and provocative Paul McCarthy with Bear Sculpture, wants to arouse the curiosity of the viewer, presenting a familiar figure in a pose unconventional. The work is estimated at 750 -550 thousands pounds, and will be accompanied by Piggies, 2006, estimated at £ 600-800 thousands. In the sale, one of the first sculptures by Antony Gormley of 1983-84, Reach, estimated 220-280 thousands pounds. A Caballito frente al Espejo (Piggyback) (£ 500-700 thousands) and Biting your Nails (£ 300-400 thousands) are two important sculptures by Juan Muñoz created in 2000, a year before his untimely death.
13 works by Martin Kippenberger (1953-1997), self-portraits on paper and canvas guided by Ohne Titel (Untitled), from the series Hand-Painted Pictures of 1992 estimated £ 2.5 to 3.5 millions. In the catalog two monumental works, the first by Gerhard Richter, 5 Türen II (5 Doors 2), 1967, estimated £ 1.5 to 2 millions, the second of Miquel Barceló from the famous series Bullfight, Areneros y Muleros (1990), estimated at £ 2 -3millions.
Among the emerging names on the contemporary scene we find Jonathan Wateridge (1972) with Jungle Scene With Plane Wreck of 2007, estimated at £ 100-150 thousands; Rebecca Warren (1965), Turner Prize winner in 2006, Croccioni of 2000, a satirical subversion of fetish male to the female form, which recalls the famous sculpture by Boccioni (£ 60-80 thousand). Type Gasholders (2004) by Idris Khan (1978), a monumental triptych that takes images of Bernd and Hilla Becher (£ 60-80 thousand), the self-portrait Cinderella by Taner Ceylan, touching the vein of female nude dipingendosi as a woman , combining both the romanticism of the Eastern harem, and the rawness of Nan Goldin or Tillmans.


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