Photographing the Photography market, stuff for Phillips de Pury, which starts with the New York auction. With names like Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, Irving Penn …

Standing Nude with Chair, di Paul Outerbridge Jr

Big names such as Edward Weston, Peter Beard, Thomas Demand, Richard Avedon, Thomas Struth, Andres Serrano, Massimo Vitali, Cindy Sherman, David Hockney. Phillips de Pury emphasizes once again its dominance in the field of photography, presenting the 2nd of October in New York its autumn auction with a rich catalog of works ranging from early 900 to today. Among the classics are Pepper No. 30 by Edward Weston, 1930, estimated 200-300.000 dollars: printed before 1949, the picture is one of the most recognizable icons of Weston, which explores the volumes, the linearity and abstraction, together with a rich print and full-bodied in shades of gray. In the catalog also the sensual Standing Nude with Chair by Paul Outerbridge Jr.,  1924, estimated $ 150-200.000, which summarizes the author’s interest in anatomy, the German expressionist cinema and abstraction. Can not miss works by Alfred Stieglitz and Irving Penn: the first with Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly, estimated $ 100-150.000, and the second with Girl in Bed (Jean Patchett), New York, 1949, estimated at $ 50-70.000 and New York Still Life, 1947, $ 40-60.000.
A section of 13 photographs are instead dedicated to policy issues. Politically Correct: Selections From a Private American Collection tells in fact the main political events in America in the ’20s, with Robert Frank – for example – with Chicago Convention, 1956 ($ 50-70.000) tells the vice-presidential campaign of Senator John F. Kennedy. Very rich the contemporary section, led by seven works by Peter Beard, including newborn crocodiles Happy Easter / Croc Alia Bay Hatchery. Lake Rudolf for Eyelids of Morning, 1965, estimated $ 120-180.000. Other big names are Thomas Demand, in the catalog with Wand (Mural), 1999 ($ ​​120-180.000), Andres Serrano, Piss Light, 1987 ($ 60-80.000), David Hockney, Nude (Theresa Russell), 17th June, 1984 ($ 60 -80.000), Candida Höfer, Ca ‘Rezzonico, Venice I, 2003 ($ 50-70.000).
Robert Mapplethorpe, with the dye-transfer Anemone, 1989 ($ 30, 50.000), Thomas Struth, Paradise 1 (Pilgrim Sands) Daintre / Australia, 1999 ($ ​​50-70.000), Philip-Lorca diCorcia W, March 14, 2000 ( $ 30-50.000), David LaChapelle, Last Supper (Jesus is my Homeboy), 2003 ($ 30, 50.000).


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