The prohibited sale. Sotheby’s is the first to hold an auction in mainland China: it happens in Beijing, in the catalog only a sculpture by Wang Huaiqing

Wang Huaiqing – Self and Self Shadow

Sotheby’s does not waste time to bear its ten-year agreement with the state-owned group Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group. As well as holding 80% of the free port to open in Beijing, Sotheby’s September 27 will hold its first auction sale in mainland China, at the China Millennium Monument, under the brand name Sotheby’s Beijing Auction Co. Ltd. but it will not be an auction like the others, having a symbolic value, as it will only present one lot,  the sculpture Self and Self Shadow by Wang Huaiqing, estimated between 128 and 192k dollars.
Huaiqing, born in 1944, is one of the most important artists in the Chinese art scene. The sculpture, in forged aluminum alloy, offers a blend of the Western language and respect for Chinese tradition and culture. It is a symbolic work,  choice to celebrate this event of great importance, which sees an international auction house to set foot in the “forbidden China” region. Apart from the autonomous province of Hong Kong, no international auction house could in fact hold sales in China.
After this first auction, two theme exhibitions will be inaugurated the September 28: the first entitled Recoding – 2012 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, with works by contemporary Chinese artists, while the second will be a self-celebration of Sotheby’s and its 260 years of experience.

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