A Goya, and not know it. Opening a will, discovered rare early painting of the artist: that now goes to auction at Koller in Zurich

It remained hidden in a private collection for over 80 years, the family of the collector knew they had it until after the reading of the will. We are talking about an important work of Goya, that September 21 will go on sale at the auction house Koller Zurich. The painting, dated between 1770 and 1780, depicting the biblical scene of Lot and his daughters, of size 91 × 125 cm, is estimated at between 482 and 643k euro (SWFR 600- 800k). Goya painted it when he was just thirty years old, on his return to Spain after a trip to Italy, busy with commissions for churches and monasteries, and since 1776 with the decoration of the royal palace of El Pardo and El Escorial.
Until 1920s it belonged to a collection of Bilbao, and then it has been sold to the family currently owns, outside of Spain. This Goya’s works are very rare, especially for the production of the first paintings of the Spanish master. Because of its importance, if it were still in Spain, it hardly would be granted an export license.


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