Phillips de Pury Contemporary Sales: $7.2m


Cindy Sherman, Untitled #426 $446,500

Contemporary Art Evening & Under the Influence Combined

Sale Total (including Premium): $7,203,950

 Contemporary Art Evening Sale

Low Estimate: $4,020,000

High Estimate: $5,900,000

89% sold by value

89% sold by lot


Top Ten:

9 CINDY SHERMAN Untitled #426 $446,500

25 ANSELM KIEFER Hommage à Omar Khayyám $314,500

21 ROY LICHTENSTEIN Brushstroke Still Life with Lamp $302,500

11 DAN FLAVIN Untitled (To Pat and Bob Rohm) $302,500

29 TIM NOBLE AND SUE WEBSTER Two Works: Puny Undernourished Kid and Girlfriend From Hell $242,500

22 ANDY WARHOL Vesuvius $242,500

23 JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Untitled (Skull) $218,500

6 DAN COLEN The son of a white man (Air force pilot / plantation owner) $206,500

7 STEVEN PARRINO Untitled $170,500

8 ANSELM REYLE Untitled $146,500


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