Successo per Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Sale: $199.8m con l’81% di venduto

Gustav Caillebotte, Le Pont d'Argenteuille et la Seine

  1. Gustav Klimt, Liztlberg am Attersee, $40m vs $25m;
  2. Pablo Picasso, L’abaude, $23m;
  3. Gustav Caillebotte, Le Pont d’Argenteuille et la Seine, $18m, RECORD PER L’ARTISTA;
  4. Claude Monet,  Antibes, le fort,  $9m;
  5. Wassily Kandinsky, Weisser Klang (White Sound), $8.9m;
  6. Tamara de Lempicka, Le Reve, $8.4m RECORD PER L’ARTISTA;
  7. Henry Moore,  Standing Figure, $4.7m;
  8. René Magritte, le Territoire, $4.7m;
  9. René Magritte, Le Chevalier du Couchant, $4m;
  10. Alberto Giacometti, Bust d’Annette VIII, $4m.

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